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Lidl stocks a selection of over 20 RSPCA Assured labelled products including pork loin, sausages, hams and bacon, as well as a selection of free-range and organic eggs

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Eggs at Lidl

All free-range eggs available at Lidl are RSPCA Assured. This is your guarantee that the eggs you are buying have come from hens which were raised to higher welfare standards.  And if you fancy cooking up something a little spicier, you could give our easy one-pot eggs

baked in a spicy tomato sauce a try.

Chicken at Lidl 

When you buy RSPCA Assured chicken at Lidl and you see our logo, you can be sure that you're supporting farmers who are dedicated to higher welfare. At Lidl you can find Deluxe free-range chicken breast fillets. And if you’re looking for an interesting way to cook up your chicken tonight, you could always try our honey and mustard chicken with root vegetables or even our yoghurt spiced chicken recipe.

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Salmon at Lidl

When you shop at Lidl, you’ll find Deluxe Salmon Fillets. While salmon fillets might be delicious on their own, you could also give our recipe for salmon fish pie a go, it makes a fantastic and filling dinner for the whole family. You can find out more about our salmon welfare policy here

Bacon at Lidl

Lidl stock a fine selection of RSPCA Assured bacon including Deluxe RSPCA Dry Cured Back Bacon and Deluxe RSPCA Smoked


Honey Streaky Bacon. Just perfect for a Saturday morning fry up together with your RSPCA Assured sausages and eggs. Of course, our delicious chicken, bacon, cheddar and thyme pasties are also a great dinner option. 

Sausages at Lidl

Lidl offer a selection of RSPCA Assured sausages including Deluxe Bramley Apple Chipolatas or Sausages and Deluxe Sausages. While these bangers make a delicious addition to any meal, if you’re feeling more creative in the kitchen you could always give our

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“Lidl GB is proud to support the RSPCA Assured food label, which independently certifies that farm animals have been reared to strict higher welfare standards and are fully traceable from farm to fork. The RSPCA Assured label makes it easy for shoppers to find products from animals that have had a better life.”

  • Amali Bunter, Lidl GB Responsible Sourcing Manager

sausage and apple rolls a try.

Find your local Lidl

To locate the Lidl store closest to you where you’ll find a wide selection of RSPCA Assured labelled products, take a look at our handy where to buy map.

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